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Bobby Woolwine – President
My name is Bobby Woolwine and I was elected as the inaugural president of the Roanoke Rail Yard Dawgs Booster Club. We recently held our first re-elections in July and I was voted in for a two-year term. I was previously involved with the Roanoke Valley Hockey Booster Club for numerous years before declining to run for re-election the season before the Express folded. I was not involved in any way with the Vipers, who played one year in Roanoke.

When the SPHL came to town, I was very excited because hockey was finally returning to our area and I felt it was a league this area could support long term. After watching our inaugural season, I have no doubt this franchise will be sustainable long term. The owners have done an outstanding job of setting the bar very high so far as what they expect from their team and what they are willing to do to make hockey successful here in the valley. The inaugural season was successful so far as attendance and financially and I feel we will have success on the ice this year as well.

Our booster club was an important part of the success of the franchise and our goal is to improve each year to better support hockey in the valley. I feel we are off to a tremendous start and like our franchise the best is yet to come. If you would like to know more about our club, I invite you to attend a meeting, which is the second Monday of each month, at Shaker’s restaurant at Valley View Mall or come by our booster club table during hockey season to ask questions and pick up an application for our club. We are always looking for enthusiastic hockey fans to join us. Go DAWGS!


Tommy Boothe – 1st Vice President
Hey everyone! My name is Tommy, and I’m the 1st Vice President of the Roanoke Rail Yard Dawgs Booster Club. My love of hockey started when I was a senior in high school and worked as part of the game day staff for the Roanoke Express. Prior to that, I’d never been to a hockey game. Needless to say, I was hooked from game one. During the time we didn’t have a pro hockey team, I still got my fix by going to college games with my beautiful (and lucky) wife, Kari. You can find us at every game…just listen for the cowbell. Like our son Gunnar says, “We’re a hockey family.”

I’m super excited to be a part of this amazing group of people who not only love cheering our Dawgs on, but love supporting them. It’s so amazing to see so many hockey fans…young and old, new and lifelong…getting together and showing the team just how happy we are to have them here, and make them feel at home. If you have any questions or just want to shoot me an email, I can be reached at tommy.rydboosterclub[a]outlook.com. (Replace the [a] symbol with @.)




Carolyn Mason-Murray – 2nd Vice President
I live in Bedford County in a rural setting. Along with my husband Darryl, we have 3 fur babies. Harley and Nitro are Yorkshire Terriers and Steel is a Silver Labrador Retriever.

I have been an avid fan since hockey first arrived in the Roanoke Valley. I have enjoyed learning more about this sport, in both the minor and professional leagues. When it was announced that hockey was returning to the Roanoke area, I made a personal pledge to support the team. I signed -up to join the Booster Club at the media event for the Rail Yard Dawgs. I have consistently assisted with working the Booster Club table during home games and participated in Booster Club activities. I currently serve on the Rail Yard Dawgs Booster Club Board of Directors as the 2nd Vice President. If you have any questions, please email me at Carolyn.dawgsbc[a]outlook.com. (Replace the [a] symbol with @.)


Brittany L. – Secretary
Hi, I’m Brittany. I am the secretary for the booster club. I’m a lifelong resident of Roanoke and I work in the healthcare field.

I have been a hockey fan for most of my life. I grew up going to all of the Roanoke Express games. My favorite players were Jason Jaffray and Robert Snowball!

I am so happy to have hockey back in Roanoke. Serving with the booster club has given new perspectives to the game. I like making the booster buttons, as it allows me to use my love for photography and design! Can’t wait for the season to start! Go Dawgs!

Being secretary, I communicate with all members by email! Please, contact me if you have any questions or interested in joining our club: Brittany.dawgsbc[a]outlook.com. (Replace the [a] symbol with @.)






Barb Woolwine – Treasurer
I am the Treasurer of the Rail Yard Dawgs Booster Club. I moved to Salem about 6 years ago. I previously lived in Pennsylvania, where I was the President of the Reading Royals Booster Club of the ECHL. I became involved in re-organizing our current Booster Club when the Rail Yard Dawgs came to Roanoke. I enjoyed the inaugural season and I am looking forward to the upcoming Rail Yard Dawg hockey season.






Brad Melton – Member At Large

[As written by Brad’s daughter.]
Wazzup, I’m Brad. I’m a Member at Large, which means I help with the things the President and Vice President are too busy to do. I help with housing the players and making them feel comfortable in the “Star City.” I grew up in Roanoke and even played a little hockey as an 8 year old. I ended up settling on being a basketball player, which we all know how that went since now I work at a masonry. Catch me at all of the hockey games supporting Roanoke with my huge family. Go Dawgs!







Tammie Overfelt – Member At Large
My name is Tammie. I was born in Greenville, SC. Grew up in Waynesville, NC. After graduating high school in 2002, my family moved to Rocky Mount for my dad’s job. I have been married to Joey since 2006. While dating, we went to a few Roanoke Express games. We always sat in Section 18, because that’s where Joey grew up watching hockey. We still sit in those same seats today. My favorite player was Silverstone; because, let’s face it, we are all here for the fights. Right? We were really excited for hockey to be back in the valley. Joey and Bobby used to work together, so we would always stop by the Booster table and chat. Bobby was always telling us we should join the club. In March of 2017, we joined the club. I like to jump into things with both feet, so I signed-up to cook for the guys after a game. I LOVE COOKING, so this was right up my alley. This season I am your friendly-neighborhood Game Day Meal Committee Chairperson with a great group of co-chairs to work with. I’m a Member at Large, working with the Board of Directors. Cant wait to see what this season has in store of the team and the club!